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The origin of site of temple is still controversy and debate of scholars’ .Tirupati is believed to be the richest temple in the country with beautiful surroundings. The Tirupati temple is also a fine example of Dravidian Art & Style. It is also a famous center for wood carving.

Once Kasyapa as head, rishis began to perform a sacrifice .Narada maharshi, the son of Bramha visited Rishis and asked the rishis  ,what is the reason behind  their sacrifice and whom would be pleased by it.The rishis approached  Bhrugu maharshi , a man with  an extra eye in the sole of his foot for answer.To reach a solution after a direct determination of reality, Sage Bhrigu first went to Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma did not take notice of Bhrigu offering salutation. As Brahma did not notice him,Brighu  descided that Brahma is not fit for worship, so he left Satyaloka and went to  Kailasa,where Shiva resides. Bhrigu maharshi found Lord Shiva with Parvati  at kailasa and he left kailasa   by cursing Lord shiva  as shiva did not notice his presence. Finally Brighu maharshi reached Vaikunta,where Lord Vishnu resides.Lord Vishnu also did not notice him, the sage was exasperated and kicked the Lord on His chest, the place where Mahalakshmi resides. Vishnu, in an attempt to allay the sage, got hold of legs of the  Brighu maharshi and started to press them gently and pretended as if he is sootheing  and comforting  the sage. During this act, he squashed the extra eye that was present in the sole of Bhrigu's foot. The extra eye is considered as symbolism of the sage's egotism. The sage then apprehended his gloomy mistake and apologized to Vishnu. Sri Mahalakshmi was angered by the action of the Lord Vishnu,who apologized  Bhrigu maharshi. Out of anger and discomfort,Mahalakshmi left Vaikunta and resided in Kolhapur.As Mahalakshmi left Vaikunta, out of distress Lord Vishnu left Vaikunta . Vishnu reached Bhoolokam and took abode in an ant-hill under a tamarind tree, beside a pushkarini on the Venkatadri Hill. In the Ant hill ,Vishnu started meditating for the return of Lakshmi, without food or sleep. This was the place where Lord took the form of Varaha to rescue Mother Earth from the deep ocean.

To feed Lord Vishnu, who is in ant hill, Siva and Brahma take the form of cow and calf. This cow and calf belongs to Chola king. These cow and calf daily feed the lord vishnu. Cowherd noticed that this cow is emptying in anthill, get angered and decided to hit the cow. Knowing the thing Vishnu killed the cowherd and cursed the King that he will become Asura. The king pleaded for his innocence, so god blessed him that he will born as Akasa raju  and that he will marry his daughter Padmavathi.

Thereafter, Lord Vishnu in the name of Srinivasa, decided to stay in Varaha Kshetra and requested Sri Varahaswami to grant Him a site for His stay. That’s why pooja and naivedya is  offered to Sri Varaha swami first till today and it is said that anyone should have darshan of Varahaswamy first before the darshan of Srinivasa. Vishnu built a copter house and lived there, attended to by Vakuladevi who looked after him like a mother.

One day while  lord was hunting an elephant met Padmavathi devi and realized that he will not be happy unless he get married to padmavathi. The Lord then narrated the story of Padmavati’s previous birth and his promise to marry her to Vakuladevi. After listening to Srinivasa's story  and his promise to Vedavati, Vakuladevi  decided to  perform  marraige of  Srinivasa and padmavathi .She concluded to go to  Akasa Raja and his Queen and arrange for the marriage. On the way she met the maids of Padmavati returning from a Shiva Temple. She heard from them that Padmavati was also craving for Srinivasa. Vakuladevi went along with the maid servants to the Queen.

Akasa raju and queen also come to know the Love of Padmavthi to Srinivasa and the story about previous janma. All people agreed for the marriage and decided for the ceremony. For this cermony expenses Lord Srinivasa borrowed money from Kubera. They got married and lived together all eternity while Goddess Lakshmi, understanding the commitments of Lord Vishnu, chose to live in Lord Venkateswara heart forever.

Tondaiman is the first who built the temple, as there was a dream about Lord vishnu in his sleep. He built Gopauram, prakahara of Tirupati temple. After Tondaiman, Chola kings were in to scene of welfare of the Tirupati temple.

After Chola kings, well known  Vijayanagara emperor Sri krishna devaraya has presented many valuable gifts and ornaments to Tirupati temple.It was exactly during Sri krishna devarayas period the rulers of Chandragiri Fort built the temples and shelters at Tirumala. Contributions to tirupati temple has amplified  during the rule of the Vijayanagar dynasty. Sri Krishnadevaraya and his consorts  statues has installed at the portals of the Tirupati temple,which can be seen till this day. There is also a statue of Venkatapati Raya in the main premises of Tirupati temple.

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Presently theTirupati temple is under board of Tirumala Tirupati, known to every body  as TTD.It is a board of trustees. The board is responsible for daily activities , management of all institutions operating under TTD. An executive officer is appointed by State Government of Andhra Pradesh.L.V SUbramanyam is the current E.O of Tirupati temple.

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