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For complaints call TTD vigilance @ 18004254141,For Complaints, you can call  'Dail your EO' On First Friday of every month  @ 0877-2263621


FREE MEALS: Wholesome free meals will be provided to the devotees in the TTD s annadanam complex from 9.00 Am to 11.00 PM continuously on production of free meals.  Coupons which are distributed inside the temple after darshan of
Srivaru .
FREE MEDICAL AID: Pilgrims are given free medical aid at ASWINI hospital and Vaikutam Q complex I, II . in case of emergency the patients will be rushed to the RUIA hospital , SVIMS, BIRRD , Tirupati for treatment .
FREE BUS: free buses are operated at Tirumala for the benefit of the piligrims. It covers cottages, choultries, temple and other places.
FREE TONSURE: Pilgrims can full fill their vow of tonsure at kalyanakatta ,PAC I,II at free of cost.
SALE OF PUBLICATIONS: All religious publication and video and audio CDS  and Cassettes brought out by the TTDs are sold through TTD book stall Opposite   Srivari temple and in all bank  counters.
AUTOMOBILE CLINICS: The mobile van with mechanics  and spares is available to the repairs of the vehicles  standard on the ghat roads.For  help they may contact TOLL gate either at Tirumala or Tirupati.
FREE DIGITAL LOCKERS: TTD newly introduced digital lockers. Pilgrims can store their valuables in digital lockers for free of cost, where a code is provided for every pilgrim. There are 6 Digital lockers in Tirumala.



These Dos and Donts are issued by TTD


Worship your Ishta or Kula Daivam before you start for Tirumala.
Bathe in the Pushkarini and worship Varaha Swamy in His Temple before you go to worship Lord Venkateswara.
Bathe and Wear clean clothes before you enter the shrine.
Concentrate on Lord Venkateswara inside the temple.
Observe absolute silence and chant 'Om Sri Venkatesaya Namah', inside the temple.
Bathe in the Papavinasanam and Akasa Ganga Tirthams at Tirumala.
Respect ancient customs and usages while at Tirumala and promote religious sentiments among co-pilgrims
Deposit your offerings in the Hundi only.
Keep Tirumala Clean.
Please leave your Electronic gadgets like cell phones, calculators,camera and footwear etc at the cottage or deposit near VQC -I before entering the temple.


Don't carry much jewellery or cash with you.
Don't eat non-vegetarian food.
Don't consume liquor or other intoxicants.
Don't smoke on Tirumala Hills.
Don't approach touts for accommodation and darsan.
Don't wear footwear in and around the premises of the temple.
Don't buy spurious prasadams from street vendors.
Don't come to Tirumala for any purpose other than worshipping the Lord.
Don't rush in for Darshan but take your chance in the queue.
Don't enter the temple, if, according to Custom or usage, you are prohibited to enter.
Don't wear flowers at Tirumala, all flowers are for the Lord only.
Don't encourage beggary.
Don't spit or commit nuisance.
Don't waste water and electricity.
Don't allow strangers into the cottages.
Don't hand over keys to them. Don't spit, urinate or defecate in the open.
Dont carry cellphone,camera or any electronic or electronic gadget.
Dont carry weapons.

Note: This information is provided by TTD

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