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                     DAILY SEVAS AT TIRUMALA


                   The Suprabatham, prapatti and mangalasasanam are recited and a decendent of Tallapaka Annamacharya sings a few hymns of the saint-poet,Devotees present at the time of Suprabatham can have the Suprabtham Darshan, also called Visvarupa Darshanam.


               This seva or ritual involves the decoration of the Lord with flowers .Thomala is the shortened form of the Tamil Expression. ‘Thodutha malai’- adorning the Lord with flowers. The flower garlands in Yamunathurai are brought by the periya Jiyar as per custom or his Ekangi in the temple with a lighted torch in a procession to the accompaniment of the beat of the Jeghanta.

                           The deity is then adorned with the flowers while the mantra pushpam is recited in the sayanamandapam.


                    During the archana, also called Sahsranam Archana, the Lord is worshipped by reciting his one thousand sacred names.


                       Kalyanotsavam is also known as Vaivahikotsavam. It is conducted in the kalyanamandapa and its rituals are similar to those followed traditionally in Hindu marriages.The utsavamurthi of the Lord Malayappa Swamy is the bridegroom and His consorts (nachimars) viz. Sridevi and Bhudevi are the brides. An imaginary family pedigree of the brides and bridegroom is recited during the course of the ritual.The idols of the bridegroom and brides face each other with a screen in between. They are allowed to see each other only at the appropriate auspicious moment when the screen in removed. The priests’ peform homas. A purohit conducts the marriage and an archaka is consecrated to perform other rituals on the behalf of the bridegroom.


                Brahmotsavam is performed for one day in an abridged manner Vaibhavotsava mandapam opp to Swamy Pushkarani. Sri Malayappaswami with his two consorts is worshipped with Vedic mantras and rituals and mounted on three vahanams-golden Pedda Seshavahanam,silver Garuda vahanam and silver Hanumantha vahanam.


                             Sri Malayappa swamy, Sridevi and Bhudevi are seated in an Unjal(swing) in the Aina Mahal(Mirror hall) and swung to the accompaniment of Vedaparayanam and Mangalavadyam.


                            This seva is performed in the unjal mandapam outside the Srivari temple. The beautifully decorated mandapam will be aglow with thousands of lamps. The Lord is seated on an Unjal which is rocked gently to the accompaniment of a clarinet orchestra.


                        Vasathosavam is a festival of color. These periodical festival, celebrated in the spring season is performed in a abridged manner daily in vaibhavotsava mandapam .


                      Ekantha seva or panupu seva darshanam is conducted when the Lord is put to sleep. Tarigonda Vengamabbas harathi (in a plate inlaid with one of the dasavasthrams on each day with pearls.) is offered.


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