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For complaints call TTD vigilance @ 18004254141,For Complaints, you can call  'Dail your EO' On First Friday of every month  @ 0877-2263621

Millions of devotees visit Tirumala for Lord balaji darshan every year.Lakhs of people visit every people. In order to cede  exceptional service to the pilgrims who come from various  parts of the country, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has welcomed voluntary services from devotees  and  launched ‘Srivari Seva’

As there is a famous saying "Manava seva ee Madhava seva "which is serving human is equal to serving Lord ,TTD provides this  wonderful  opportunity to devotees to serve fellow pilgrims.Mukti can not only be attained by  worshipping Lord Srinivasa but also serving his Devotees one can attain mukti.

The areas under which devotees can serve pilgrims are :

 1. Annadanam 2. Queue Lines 3. kalyana katta 4. Gardens 5. laddu counters 6. vaikuntum Queue complex(I&II) 7. Free bus 8. Pilgrims Amenities complexes (Yastrisadans) 9 . Information centers 10.Vigilance 11.Health 12. Central reception office (CRO0 13. Srivari Thulabaram 14. Bus Stops 15. Pushkarini etc

Srivari sevaks can choose the area according to their wish and proficiency .They have to register their names  at the cell functioning inside RTC Bus Stand, Tirumala.Group of people  equal to 10 or more and ready to work for at least one weak  are invited to participate in the Seva.They can only participate  by prior intimation . Sri vari sevaks are provided with free food and accommodation at Tirumala. Bhajan troupes can also take part in this service which will be an inspiring experience to the participants.

Many  acharyas like Tirumala nimbi,ramnjunacharya and anathalvar has also served devotees. Devotees desirous of offering ‘Srivari seva ‘should enroll themselves at ‘Srivari seva’:Sadan,inside RTC bus stand, Tirumala.


A.P.R.O/O.S.D,Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati- 0877-2264271, Srivari seva sadan, inside RTC bus stand, Tirumala . Ph 0877 2263544


A group consisting of not less than 10 members is eligible for rendering Srivari seva for seven days. The members should  be spiritually motivated to offer selfless service. Both men and women can participate. Intrested voluntary groups can send their requisition letter containing the name, address, age, sex, religion, profession and stamp size photo graph etc . of each participants to public relation officer , TTD Administrative building , K.T Road, Tirupati -517083 one month in advance.

Both men and women between 18 to 62 years of age are permitted for sevice.

 Srivari Sevaks area advised not to bring children, aged and sick people along with them.

 They should report to Super indent/officer on special duty at Srivari seva Sadan, Tirumala, inside RTC bus stand on their arrival as per the dates mentioned in the order, between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm

 Free accommodation will be provided to the sevaks. In case the accommodation is provided at Piligrims amenities complex, The srivari Sevaks should come with Locks and Keys.In case the accommodation is provided at pilgrims amenities complex, The srvari Sevaks should be ready to pay Rs 200 towards caution deposit for locker and Rs 100 for mat which is refundable.

 Duties will be allotted Everyday, at 4.00 P.M at Srivari Seva sadan . Sevaks should be willing to perform duty atleast for 4.00- 6.00 hours daily.

 Srivari sevaks should wear scarves while on duty. But they should not be worn while going for Srivari darshan.are requested to attend training session at Asthanamandapam or Seva Sadan at 7.00 Am on every Friday. It is compulsory.

 Sevaks should always chant ‘Govinda’and address everyone as Govinda.

Srivari Seva is purely voluntary service to extend help to the visiting pilgrims. No payment either in cash or kind, should be made to anyone for Srivari Seva

The sevaks can take part in Bhajanas and anagara sankirtanas everyday. They can also utilize the musical instrument which are available in Srivari seva office

No Temple duties to Srivari Sevaks

Do perform Srivari seva as a loving service to Lord Srinivasa

Note: This information is provided by TTD
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