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For complaints call TTD vigilance @ 18004254141,For Complaints, you can call  'Dail your EO' On First Friday of every month  @ 0877-2263621

After reaching Tirupati, Tirumala can be reached either foot way or roadway.

Facilities available to people going to Tirumala:


Srinivasam complex is situated Opp RTC complex,2nd Choultry near railway station . Pilgrims can use free facilities and bath at pilgrim Amenities Hall at Srinivasam


Pilgrims can deposit their luggage at the Alipiri Foot path Luggage center and They can collect their luggage at luggage collection centre Tirumala. Luggage is transported at free of cost.

At Alipiri foot path luggage center a receipt is issued for the luggage, pilgrims have to hold the receipt carefully and should submit at the time of their luggage collection at luggage collection center, Tirumala.


 Soon after reaching at Tirupati , pilgrims can have Sudarshan token for free or paid darshan.The pilgrims can have their tickets at  Sudharsan Counters.

 Sudarshan system is introduced by TTD to reduce the waiting time of piligrims.sudarshan ticket system is available only for three types of tickets

  • Free
  • 50 RS

The time of darshan is indicated on the tokens. Pilgrims can enter the Vaikuntam Queue Complex at Tirumala at the time indicated on the tokens.  There is an exemption that people can be allowed + or - 2 hrs from the mentioned time.They can have darshan within two hours after entering the Vaikuntam Queue Complex. Every people who is going to Darshan should visit the counter. photo and finger prints would be taken. Sudarshan token should be handled carefully as there is a bar code on the ticket which is read at the time of submission. By having sudarshan tokens people can visit places in Tirupati and Tirumala and can have darshan by reporting at Vaikuntum Q comple at mentioned time.


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